Membership Benefits

SwingRite membership benefits

SwingRite Golf Training Aid:

Members receive a 25% discount on a SwingRite golf training aid. Please contact SwingRite directly at

Luxury Links Golf Tours

Members receive 10% off deluxe golf tour packages in the UK, which provide unforgettable five-star experiences for private groups, corporate teams, and families. A range of packages and pricing available. Contact

Luxury Links
Mira Hotels and resorts

MIRA Hotels & Resorts

Members receive 10% off at MIRA Hotels & Resorts with Golf Clinics in the beautiful Italian regions of Tuscany, Sicily, and Puglia. Enjoy a complete experience of golf, wellness, good food, and more. Check out the Special Arrangements for Golf Professionals! Contact

Additional Membership Benefits

Member Get a Member Program: Get 20% OFF Your Membership Renewal

If you get a friend or colleague to become an International PGA member (with credentials), you will receive 20% OFF your membership renewal. Email if you know someone who would like to join.

Play Golf Around the World!

One of the benefits our members like most is the ability to play golf courses worldwide, usually at some kind of discount—sometimes even free—when they show their membership card. Members must call ahead to the pro when asking for any consideration to play the course.

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