International PGA Overview

In 1972, Australian professional Robin Lipscombe created the idea of a world body for professional golfers. His concept was to unite all of the national professional golf organization members under one umbrella for the benefit of professional golfers worldwide.

However, prior to the Internet and the present-day ease of global communications, this proved to be a challenging task logistically.

Besides, his career as a golf professional and his worldwide travels took precedence. Through the years, however, his friends and colleagues urged him to pursue the idea when the timing was right.

International PGA Overview About
International PGA Overview

Professional Golf Organization

With the dawning of the new millennium, the world had become much more of a global community, and instant communications worldwide were made possible. The timing seemed right to form an organization that would unify and benefit all of the world’s professional golf organization members. With this being said, the International PGA was officially created under Mr. Lipscombe’s vision and with this sole purpose in mind.

Political and Economic Differences

Due to the political and economic differences in each golfing nation, no two professional golf training programs were the same when it came to the training and certification of golf professionals, golf club managers, and golf teaching professionals. No national professional golf organization was willing to recognize one another when it came to their training and certification standards. Unfortunately, he found that no national professional golf association was interested in banding together globally, which would greatly benefit the very members each entity was serving.

Political and Economic differences
International PGA Training Programs

International PGA Training Programs

Although the International PGA has always accepted the training programs of all nationally recognized professional golf associations, we realize that some of these programs are now outdated, and many have not kept pace with the benefits of existing technology. Certainly, at the very least many need to realize the powerful values in the sharing of ideas, innovation, and culture and the fact that this is beneficial to all professionals in the golfing industry.

Global Incorporation

In 2008, Mr. Lipscombe, along with several other international professionals, felt that his concept should be incorporated globally, which gave birth to the International PGA in Nassau, Bahamas. After consulting with the Bahamas Professional Golfers Association, it soon became evident that the International PGA would be formed and incorporated in the Bahamas under the International Corporation Act. For Logistical reasons, in 2010, the International PGA moved its national headquarters to the island nation of St. Lucia.

Global Incorporation


Our Guidelines:

  1. The International PGA is a commercial association representing golf professionals throughout the world, whose purpose is in accordance with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.
  2. The International PGA is committed to the development of junior golf programs, especially for underprivileged children, as well as higher education scholarships for its members.
  3. The base of the association is located in St. Lucia. The financial year of the International PGA starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st.
  4. As an international organization for the protection and promotion of the interests of professional golfers, the International PGA supports:
    • A stronger relationship between all golfing nations.
    • A worldwide exchange of information regarding golf mechanics, teaching methodology, marketing endeavors, employment opportunities, tournament scheduling, resort management, club technology, exchange programs, research in the field of golf course construction, agronomy, and the future of golf. The International PGA considers it has to support professional golfers and the sport of golf in all its forms.
  5. The International PGA may be a member of, as well as a sanction, other national and international associations.
  6. Membership and Membership Eligibility. The International PGA welcomes members from active or retired professional golf organizations from every golfing nation throughout the world. Each member must present proof of affiliation within their own country, along with requests for International PGA membership. New members will only be accepted after having lodged an application that contains this required proof. Admission to the International PGA implies that new members recognize the International PGA constitution and code of ethics following professional integrity.
  7. Revocation of Membership. Membership revocation becomes active when a member:
    • Fails to meet member financial obligations
    • No longer meets the conditions required by the bylaws and code of ethics
    • Harms the image of the International PGA in any manner
  8. The International PGA is composed of:
    • Assembly of Delegates
    • Executive Committee
    • The Presidency
  9. Assembly of Delegates. The Assembly of Delegates is composed of all current members and is the highest authority on decisions for the corporation, based on the majority of voting ballots received.
  10. Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is composed of:
    • The President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • The Treasurer
    • Seven Advisers (Europe, USA, Central America, Asia, Canada, South America, and The Caribbean)
    • The Executive Committee, except for the President, is elected by the Assembly of Delegates for five years. Only one delegate from each nation or world region may become a member of the Executive Committee.
  11. The Presidency. The Presidency is composed of the President and the First Vice President. They both have the individual right to represent the corporation. The Vice President exercises the function of being entitled to represent the Presidency only in the case of absence of the President.
  12. Alteration of the Bylaws. The bylaws may be altered or expanded with a two-thirds majority upon written request, which must be lodged with the Presidency three months before an Assembly of Delegates.
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