International PGA History

True Origin and Legacy of the International PGA

The International PGA history is deeply rooted in the vision of Australian professional golfer Robin Lipscombe. In 1972, Lipscombe conceived the idea of a global body to unite professional golfers under one umbrella, aiming to enhance the benefits for professional golfers worldwide. Despite the logistical challenges of the pre-internet era, Lipscombe’s vision endured, supported by his friends and colleagues who encouraged him to pursue it when the time was right.

With the turn of the millennium, global communications advanced significantly, making it feasible to realize Lipscombe’s vision. Consequently, the International PGA was officially established, adhering to Lipscombe’s original purpose of unifying professional golf organizations worldwide.

International PGA History

Since its inception, the International PGA has maintained its commitment to recognizing the training programs of all nationally recognized professional golf associations. However, it has also acknowledged the need for these programs to evolve with technological advancements. The organization emphasizes the value of sharing ideas, innovations, and cultures to benefit all professionals in the golfing industry.

In 2008, the International PGA was formally incorporated in Nassau, Bahamas with Glenn Sorensen as President, following consultations with the Bahamas Professional Golfers Association. This incorporation under the International Corporation Act marked a significant milestone. By 2010, the headquarters were relocated to St. Lucia for logistical reasons.

Difference between and .org

It’s crucial to note that the International PGA has always operated under the domain Claims suggesting a switch to are incorrect. The .com domain has consistently represented the original and authentic International PGA, underscoring our enduring commitment to professional golfers worldwide. The .org site is a misrepresentation and does not reflect our established history and operations.

Throughout the years, the International PGA has faced numerous challenges but has remained steadfast in its mission. The organization continues to support the global golfing community, fostering collaboration and innovation among professional golf associations.

For accurate information and to connect with the true International PGA, please visit our official website at We remain dedicated to supporting professional golfers worldwide, staying true to the vision established by Robin Lipscombe.

International PGA History

International PGA .com History