Golf Teaching License

If you’re passionate about golf — whether it’s playing, teaching, or promoting the sport — you should look into getting your professional golf teaching license. The International PGA is committed to helping golfers through career development promotion. A golf teaching license allows you to stay connected to the sport you love while encouraging and developing the abilities of others interested in learning.

Membership and Career Development

The International PGA is the innovative face of the golf industry. We are a collection of golf teaching professionals united by a passion for golf, teaching, and career development.

We recognize the global growth golf has undergone, and the important opportunities it provides people around the world. We are a global organization pushing past boundaries and limits as we welcome people into our organization regardless of origin, background, religion, and ethnicity. We know we are stronger together.

Membership in our organization gives you greater opportunities and access to new, global ideas than you would find elsewhere. Collaborate with others just as passionate about golf as you are and learn more about career development, teaching licenses, and networking.

Opportunities and Growth

Come together with like-minded golf professionals to share in the game we are all passionate about and celebrate our differences and new ideas. Join The International PGA to learn more about the benefits of being a member of our global organization, how we can assist with your professional golf teaching license, and what else we offer in the way of professional career development for golfers.

Are you a golfer looking to join a progressive, global organization for golfers through different trainings and memberships? Contact The International PGA today to learn more about membership eligibility and benefits. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get started with your professional goals and golf teaching license certification. Get started today by registering below.

The International PGA is comprised of professional golfers from around the world. We, like you, have a passion for the sport and love to share that passion with others. For this reason, we developed a golf teaching certification program with the aim of creating one program that can be recognized by national Professional Golf Associations across the world.

When you receive your golf teaching certification, not only will you find that you have an improved appreciation and understanding of the sport, you will also be equipped to share that appreciation and understanding with novice golfers. Moreover, this certification will also help you advance your career as a golfing educator or as the owner of a golf club.

Join an International Network of Professional Golfers

All members of the International PGA are required to present proof of teaching qualifications, either past or present, our golf teaching certification program is a wonderful opportunity to open doors not only for your career but also for your eligibility to access our network.

When you choose golf teaching certification with the International PGA, you choose to give yourself access to a network of knowledgeable golf teaching professionals from a variety of national backgrounds. Members of the International PGA are dedicated to promoting golf worldwide and encouraging improved international relations through a mutual love of the game.

If you would like to learn more about golf teaching certification and becoming a member of the International PGA, register below by selecting the “Golf Teaching License”. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Level Price  
International PGA Member $195.00 per Year. Select
Golf Management Graduates $97.50 now and then $195.00 per Year. Select
Golf Teaching License $995.00 now and then $195.00 per Year. Select