Welcome to the International PGA, Ltd.

The International PGA, Ltd. was conceived on the notion of welcoming and providing membership for every professional golfer, regardless of race, religion or national origin. It offers both PGA and WGTF members the opportunity to belong to a global body of professional golfers. The International PGA, promotes career development and acts as one voice for individual professionals from every golfing nation. International PGA members are recognized and respected worldwide by both the public and golf management within the industry.

In the golf industry, regional thinking has become a thing of the past.

Golf is now a global game, and these days success in the golf industry is about knowing the world and understanding the opportunities that the game can provide. The Internet has brought the world together in an efficient and exciting way. The benefits and advantages of thinking globally and belonging to a global organization far outweigh that of regional thinking. This realization opens one up to a myriad of great opportunities, which the International PGA has embraced.

Among these opportunities are the sharing of ideas with our peers throughout the world, the ability to network globally, and develop friendships and business relationships with other International PGA and WGTF members.

One World of Professional Golfers