This one is dripping with irony (and syrup). On Tuesday, Waffle House – the Norcross, Ga.-based diner chain famous for its hash browns, coffee, 24-hour-a-day, 365-days-a-year service and Kid Rock’s rap sheet – announced a sponsorship agreement with … get this … Brooke Pancake.

“This will be the first time that the Waffle Nation will be cheering for a Pancake,” said Walt Ehmer, Waffle House’s president and CEO. “Brooke exemplifies hard work, southern charm and a contagious personality which makes her a great representation of Waffle House.”

On that front the chain picked the perfect candidate. Not only will the name association be a draw, Pancake has exactly the kind of charm and approachability that a restaurant company like Waffle House would want.

“Growing up in Chattanooga, I’ve always been a Waffle House fan,” said the third-year LPGA player, who was an All-American at Alabama and was rated the nation’s top female collegiate golfer. “And to be quite honest, I prefer waffles over pancakes anyway.”

In addition to logos and other branding, Pancake will visit Waffle Houses on the road and report her experiences on social media. She also will spend Wednesday in Orlando, Fla., serving Waffle House food at the PGA’s annual Merchandise Show, a great warmup for the LPGA season-opener next week up the road in Ocala.

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